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My Name is Rhonda McGrail and I Journeyed on the Cancer Road

Currently there are thousands of patients undergoing Chemotherapy. Each clinic we have visited has been cold (temperature) and the patients always seem to be freezing while undergoing treatment. Although some of the drug companies offer blankets, they are way too small and do not cover the patient.
That being said, I have started "Covers for Chemo Inc." for the express purpose of supplying snuggies and other comforting items to chemo patients.
Any and all items or proceeds donated to "Covers for Chemo Inc. will be used to purchase snuggies or similar products to be given to oncologist clinics free of charge, either for use in their clinic or for the patient to use at home. 

We are located in Florida, However we have people who will distribute them in the northeast (Cape Cod)MA, GA, MI
 As with any venture, we have started out small, but the response has been tremendous.

We have tried to contact the "snuggie corporation" and have, as of today, not heard anything back from them.

What we have found is that a department store named "Deals" sells them from 3-5 dollars.
Although they may not be "snuggie" brand they are acceptable for our mission.

If you would like to send a snuggie you can send them to one of these locations:
Rhonda McGrail
Covers for chemo inc. 
5452 Inwood Drive
Delray Beach, Fl


"Covers for Chemo Inc."
( if you are sending them to MA.) ( UPS or FedX send to)
Marcy Golliff
 393 Main St
S. Dennis, MA 02660


(if you are sending them to regular mail) ( US postal service) send to
Marcy Golliff
PO BOX 190
Dennisport , MA 02639
Elk's Lodge # 2124
(Drop off and Distribution point)
179 S. Main
MT. Clemens, MI 48043
Heather Gavitt (another new rep. for covers for chemo in Georgia)
2344 Highway 82
Hoboken, GA. 
We will also welcome new areas to distribute them. Feel free to contact me about helping out.

If you would like to help I can be contacted at :

Other items needed:
small gift bags, chap sticks, hand sanitizers, small pad notebooks, pens, decks of cards, thank you notes,  any of these items will be put into a small gift bag for new (first time) Chemo Patients, this way the office can hand them out. (just a comfort thing for their first scary visit) 

As of Dec.18, 2011. All the pet scans and ct scans have comeback negative for cancer!
After 10 months and 12 rounds of chemo the Doctor told me they can't see any signs of cancer on my lungs, liver, or colon.

January 30, 2012:
Preparing for surgery, I went to Brigham and Women's hospital in Boston. Surgery was scheduled for monday the 30th of January. Received a call on the preceding thursday that my surgery and doctors. appointment were being cancelled. This because they said they couldn't find anything to operate on. WooooooHooooo!!!!!!

Well, After CT scan, things are changing a bit, but, this too I will beat.  I now have a very small nodule in my lung that is new. GEEZE, couldn't even make the 3 month appointment without drama. won't stress out.

next CT Scan will be 6/4/12
Well, that didn't go as well as I hoped, I now have 4 small nodules in my lungs. I will begin Chemotherapy again, I will start a new drug called Irinotecan along with FU5 and Glucagon. not sure how long or how often yet, I guess June 18th I will get some answers and hopefully begin that day and get it started. the sooner the better.

I have done 5 out of 6 rounds so far the last is this month. after 4 I ended up in the hospital for a week, I had a month off, did my 5th round and feel like crap but I will complete the last round on the 15th. 

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