Natural supplements

I recommend speaking to your oncologist before taking any supplements, some may not mix with your type of Chemotherapy, or if you are on any blood thinners you need to let your Doctor know before you would like to try any of these supplements . Everyones body is different as well as the cancer you have.

THE FIRST THING I DID WAS CALL CANCER.ORG AND SIGN UP FOR A CLASS CALLED "LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER" ( This was a wonderful thing for helping me feel and look better) while on chemotherapy because learning how to deal with my face with no eye lashes, and eyebrows was hard. The trained personnel care  gave me the tools to help me  to do just that "look good , feel better"
1-800-535-7119 ext: 3842

Vitamins and supplements

Pro-Biotics Acidophilus for life- Its a dietary supplement for supporting a healthy digestive system

CoQCheck- Premium Cellular Metabolic CoEnzyme.  this helps your cells to destroy bad cells.

B12 and all B Vitamins- contributes to the normal heath of the bloods cells and nervous system.

AHCC-Shiitake mushrooms, support for cancer, chemotherapy, side effects, Hepatitis, Inflammation, fatigue syndrome, viruses and others of Chronic Diseases. Studies have shown that  it increases the number and activity of specific white blood cells, including Natural Killer (NK) cells, Dendritic Cells , 
T-Cells and stimulating the productions of cytokines which are chemical messengers that activate a variety of immune cells.

Omega-3- this is good for the heart ,cancer, blood pressure,and  arthritis, the mayo clinic experts say it reduces triglyceride levels.

Sweet Aloe Vera-  kick starts the immune system to help fight foreign elements in the body.  Helps promote the growth of new and healthy cells. 

"Magic Mouth Wash"- prescribe by your doctor. To help with the sores in the mouth from chemo.

Curcumin/ turmeric-  has anticancer properties, including the ability to combat tumor growth.

Juicing- taking fruits and vegetables and extracting the juice from them. Just a healthy way to get all your fruits and vegetables in. 

Cinnamon and Honey- recent research has been done in Japan and Australia have shown to cure certain stomach and bone cancers. And helps with fatigue and the immune system. By taking 1tsp of cinnamon powder and 1tsp of honey  together three times a day for a whole month. I simply just add it to my coffee every morning.

Shea Butter- great for dry skin

Over the counter eye wash-  dry eyes
DIM-has blocked estrogen in receptor tumor cells. I had to stop taking this because I am on a blood thinner.

CALCIUM CITRATE-  I take this because being over 50 means your bone density lowers and mine was low so I take300mg 2 times daily.

MAGNESIUUM- I take this for my muscles because of lack of energy and excercise

MORINGA TREE-It has anti-cancer properities and helps to kill cancer cells and tumor activity against lung, ovarian,pancreatic, esophagel, skin and breast cancers.

GRAVIOLA (Sour Sop) This is my newest addition to what I take,  its for cell support and immune function, I have pill form and take 2 at night because it make me tired, but publix sells it frozen and I take that also, 2 oz and its like eating an icy lemon flavored.

Milk Thistle- kidney and liver

I believe these supplements have helped to beat cancer. although my Chemotherapy had played a big part, the suppliments I take will forever be in my healthy dietery regimin.

Books and meditation tapes

One last note are my meditation tapes, which I have listened to throughout my cancer journey here are the ones that I feel has helped to keep nothing but positive thoughts.

"Spiritual Progress through Regression" by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.

"The Healing Code" book by Alexander Loyd
this book has really been my greatest asset. I now do the healing codes 4 times daily, I have learned from this book how to de-stress which when you have stress it shuts down your immune system. so READ THIS!!! 

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