• What you are doing is wonderful!!

    We share the same mission....only

    we are doing it through the sales of

    our bracelets!!  if you'd like to add a

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    website, we would donate $2 from

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 June 2012

Here we are more than 5 years later still beading these beautiful bracelets.  With the continued support of business',  3-Day Walkers,  Relay for Life and other fundraising efforts,  "Her Legacy" is as strong today as it was before the loss of an amazing woman and friend, Sharon, in Sept. 2007.

 Making these bracelets has been the most wonderful and enlightening journey for Linda and I.  We've met so many wonderful people and are constantly amazed by the appreciation and gratitude that truly comes from the heart.   We've learned that the bracelet means so much more than just a piece of jewelry.  It's a beautiful and constant display of support,  understanding,  loving memories and most of all solidarity among thousands of women.  Every single one of us has a story to tell of  why we wear our bracelet.   We care,  we support,  we love and sadly sometimes we lose but we honor every single woman each and every day.   We are passionate and proud of what we do and we thank every one of you who have purchased a bracelet to help support so many. 

Our gratitude is immeasurable!   Your strength and support continually overwhelms us and for that,  we thank you all!





What We Do

Together with the help of our families and friends, and also many small business' , we raise money through the sales of our bracelets to help families in need.  We've adopted families, helped others run fundraisers, but what we do most often is simply give the money directly to wherever it is needed.  We have also established trust funds for the two surviving children of Sharon,  the reason why these beautiful bracelets exist!

We have made a quality bracelet, one you can be proud to wear that is also affordable at $10 each.  Our bracelets are made of:

  • Swarovski crystals
  • Sterling Silver
  • Hand made glass beads

The bulk of our bracelets are breast cancer awareness, but we have expanded our line to include ovarian/cervical cancer,  colon cancer,  pancreatic,  lymphoma,  leukemia,  heart disease, HIV, melanoma,  diabetes,  kidney,  liver, childhood cancer,  mental health,  lung disease and domestic violence awareness.  If you have a cause not mentioned,  please contact us and we will do our best to make your request available.  The design of the bracelets are the same,  they are distinguished by the color ribbon you choose to wear.


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