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Delray woman's charity provides Covers for Chemo


By Mort Mazor, Special Correspondent

April 27, 2012

Rhonda McGrail was inspired from her experiences with chemotherapy treatments to want to help others going through them.

"I remembered the terrible cold I felt going through my chemo treatments," the Delray Beach resident said. "I found my own solution — taking a pillow and a blanket, then a Snuggie, essentially a blanket with sleeves, with me to ease the freezing feeling. I saw other patients shivering with cold."

McGrail began the not-for-profit Covers for Chemo in October. She supplied Snuggies and other blankets to cancer patients at chemo centers, hospitals and oncologists' offices for free distribution. She has since expanded her efforts to provide "Welcome to chemo" kits containing lip balm, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, non-alcohol mouth wash and nutrition information.

"This effort has become a calling for my family," McGrail said. "My husband Myles scoured various stores for them originally and bought them for anywhere from $3 to $30 each in whatever quantity was available in the outlet. He and my daughter deliver them here in South Florida. My sister-in-law in Cape Cod, Mass., delivers them to patients in that area, and friends in Georgia and Michigan perform good deeds with them in those states."

Myles McGrail said he bought 100 of the blankets when the group started.

"Now we welcome donations of the blankets and funds from folks who want to help," he said. "We have donated hundreds locally."

McGrail's battle with colorectal cancer began in 2009, at age 53. It spread to her liver and lungs. She went through chemotherapy treatment in Boynton Beach for one year.

"That's when I created Covers for Chemo," she said. "I realized how important it is to pay it forward. Here we are, going through the fight of our lives. We have to help each other."

After a battery of tests in Boston, doctors said she had no trace of cancer.

"Elated with the news, I returned to Delray Beach," McGrail said.

Hematology Oncology Associates in Boynton Beach has received donations from Covers for Chemo.

"Rhonda has been unbelievable with the amount of Snuggies she has donated to our patients," said associate Donna Marien. "The patients are ecstatic to have this warm garment to wear. Our office is kept unusually cool because of continuous blood tests taking place. Rhonda and her husband and daughter have been exceedingly kind."

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